NCET NAFED 10162318_46x46 NFPA


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Make Sure You're Lighting The Way To Safety To Create A Safer Work Environment

Call now for required maintenance.

Create a safer work environment.


We understand that running a business is a big job and with so many compliances, it's easy to overlook a few. Don't let your exit and emergency lighting fall by the wayside. We know that the goal is to never have to use emergency equipment, but we're here to keep you prepared if you do.


The NFPA, OSHA and NEC (National Electric Code) all require emergency and exit lighting be in a certain working condition. Routine maintenance that we can provide you can keep you up to code and in the know about these specific rules and regulations.

Emergency Exit Light

Besides complying with important safety standards, it's important to create a safe and comfortable work environment for your valued employees.


A 90-minute battery discharge test, is required annually as well as a complete inspection of the charging circuit, lamp condition, and overall state of the light housing.

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